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2012 Annual Meeting Agenda

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Thursday Afternoon, September 13, 2012


Doors Open for Annual Meeting


Welcome! Overview of the Annual Meeting

Ralph Cavalieri, NARA Executive Director



The Honorable Jon Tester (video)
The Honorable John Engen, Mayor, City of Missoula


Review the NARA Project’s Vision and Goals and Accomplishments of Year #1

Ralph Cavalieri


USDA’s Interests and Goals for NARA

Bill Goldner, USDA


The NARA Pathway to Biojet Fuel

Michael Wolcott, NARA Executive Committee

Mike will provide an overview of the NARA processes leading to the production of aviation biofuels

Note about the panel discussions:

Throughout the Annual Meeting a series of panel discussions will be conducted to share information about what the NARA Project Area Teams are doing in concert with each other to advance the five major goals of the Project. The conversations that result from the paneliests’ presentations will also enable NARA members and stakeholders to influence how the NARA teams approach their work in the Project’s second year.

While each panel has a specific goal, they intend to help answer in general these questions:

  1. What is the NARA Project’s vision for sustainable biojet feedstock?
  2. What have we accomplished during the first year of the Project that is leading us to achieve that vision?
  3. What have we begun to learn in the Project’s first year?
  4. What do the accomplishments of the past year and the emerging themes or findings indicate about our goals and priorities for the coming year (i.e., where we need to be a year from now)?

Following the panelists’ presentations, approximately thirty minutes will be available for reactions, questions, and ideas from stakeholders and other NARA members.


Panel: Sustainable Biojet (Feedstock)

Jim Cook, NARA Executive Committee, Moderator




Panel: Energy Literacy

Steve Hollenhorst, Moderator


Photo Session

All Participants


Poster Sessions and Reception

Each NARA Project Investigator (PI) and his/her graduate students will have a poster to illustrate and highlight what their team Is doing. Poster displays will be grouped into categories to demonstate inter-team cooperation and highlight common findings and themes that are emerging after the first year of the NARA Project.


Adjourn for the day

Friday Morning, September 14, 2012


Review Key Lessons from Yesterday

Ralph Cavalieri/Everyone


The Forest to Biofuels Supply Chain

Mike Wolcott

Mike will provide an overview of the role that regional supply chains play in developing industrial interactions while utilzing examples in the Western Montana corridor.


Panel: Rural Economic Development and Stakeholder Engagement

Vikram Yadama, Moderator




Biomass Challenges and Opportunities in Montana

Gordy Sanders, Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Chair, MFRC


Panel: Pilot Supply Chain Coalitions

Craig Rawlings, Moderator


Working Lunch: Faciltate Discussion of Perspectives on the Annual Meeting

NARA members and stakeholders will offer their additional thoughts about the discussions of the past two days.

Friday Afternoon, September 14, 2012


Final Thoughts and Reflections

To conclude the 2012 NARA Project’s Annual Meeting, Advisory Board members, NARA members, and stakeholders will offer a summary of the themes of the discussions from lunchtime.