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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

SURE participants engage in full time research for a summer (9.5 weeks) program, starting May 29 ending August 1, that provides laboratory, fieldwork and research skills in the broad area of biofuels research.

Students are paid a stipend of $5000 for the full summer and expected to work full time. Housing and tuition (if necessary, depending on location) are covered. All students will be participating in the poster session on August 1 in Pullman, WA.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so submitting early is encouraged. Application deadline is Feb 28, 2014. Questions? Contact Shelley Pressley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2013 NARA SURE participants
2013 NARA Biofuels-SURE participants
Front row, left to right: Calvin Silas, Kane Norton, Chanel Casayuran, Daniel Leong
Back row, left to right: Stephen Cline, Andrea Laguna, Karissa Garcia, Jing Li
not pictured: Yuanlong Li

Articles about the SURE program:

Project area descriptions:

  • Feedstock development: To identify and select improved phenotypes of regionally important Douglas-fir/poplar feedstock for energy crops via advanced genomic sequencing, comprehensive phenomics characterization, and pretreatment.
  • Sustainable feedstock production: To assess availability and cost of forest/energy crop biomass to support a sustainable regional biofuel industry with minimal environmental impact.
  • Feedstock logistics: To assess the harvesting and transportation methods needed to support a woody biomass supply chain, in part, dedicated to fuels and chemical production.
  • Biomass conversion/refining: To provide facile, economic and technological means for biomass-derived replacement of aviation fuel and various petrochemicals.
  • System Metrics: To provide state of the art factors needed to assess the economic viability, social perceptions, and environmental burdens for a fuels and chemical industry based on woody biomass.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

  1. Create graduate students with the integration, teamwork and communication skills needed to be leaders in the bioenergy and bioproducts economy.
  2. Build multicultural perspectives into the graduate study
  3. Improve the diversity of STEM graduate programs.
  4. Disseminate research, technology, and economic development opportunities to diverse stakeholders

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