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Training Opportunities

NARA Education

SURE participants engage in full time research for a summer (9.5 weeks) program, starting late May and ending late July, that provides laboratory, fieldwork and research skills in the broad area of biofuels research.

Students are paid a stipend of $5000 for the full summer and expected to work full time. Housing and travel expenses are covered. All students will be participating in the poster session at the end of the program in Pullman, WA.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so submitting early is encouraged. Applications will be made available in November, 2015 for summer 2016 . Questions? Contact Shelley Pressley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Explore other WSU internship opportunities 2013 NARA SURE participants
Shelley Pressley (third row, center) and the 2015 NARA SURE students.

Articles about the SURE program:

Project area descriptions:

  • Feedstock development: Take a multi-pronged approach for the development and sustainable production of feedstocks made from wood materials, including forest and mill residues, municipal solid waste, and specialty energy crops.
  • Sustainable feedstock production: To assess availability and cost of forest/energy crop biomass to support a sustainable regional biofuel industry with minimal environmental impact.
  • Feedstock logistics: To assess the harvesting and transportation methods needed to support a woody biomass supply chain, in part, dedicated to fuels and chemical production.
  • Biomass conversion/refining: To provide facile, economic and technological means for biomass-derived replacement of aviation fuel and various petrochemicals.
  • System Metrics: To provide state of the art factors needed to assess the economic viability, social perceptions, and environmental burdens for a fuels and chemical industry based on woody biomass.
  • Energy Education: Engage citizens, meet future workforce needs, enhance science literacy in biofuels, and help people understand how they're going to fit into the new energy economy.
  • Outreach: Serve as a conduit between researchers and community stakeholders, helping to transfer the science and technology of biofuels and important co-products to communities in the Northwest.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

  1. Create graduate students with the integration, teamwork and communication skills needed to be leaders in the bioenergy and bioproducts economy.
  2. Build multicultural perspectives into the graduate study
  3. Improve the diversity of STEM graduate programs.
  4. Disseminate research, technology, and economic development opportunities to diverse stakeholders

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NARA's Five Teams

To meet its mission's goals, the Alliance is broken down into specific areas of focus: