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Knowledge Base

NARA Outreach

To advance the scientific knowledge related to producing bio-jet fuel and value-added co-products from woody biomass, NARA has compiled an unbiased information center repository. The purpose of this repository is to make information readily available to communities interested in developing the woody biomass supply chain infrastructure for sustainable bio-jet fuel and co-products production.

Crude Oil

Literature covering products and mechanics related to the petrochemical industry.

Crude Oil ->


General literature covering biofuels.

Biofuels ->  |  Isobutanol ->  |  Sustainability ->

Biojet Fuels

Literature covering the use and development of jet fuel made from biomass.

Biojet Fuels ->  |  Gevo ->


Literature covering various forms of biomass used for biofuels such as algae, crop residues and woody residuals.

Biomass ->  |  Policy ->  |  Supply Chains ->  |  Sustainability ->

K-12 Biofuel Literature

Literature and curricula covering biofuels and tailored to K-12 students and educators.

K-12 Biofuel Literature->


Literature covering the byproducts generated in the biomass to fuel process and their commercial use.

Coproducts ->


Literature covering the various technologies used to 1) synthesize biofuels from sugar or oil feedstock and 2) transform the coproducts into targeted commercial materials..

Conversion ->


Literature covering biomass processing and transport prior to pretreatment.

Pre-processing ->


Literature covering technologies used to treat lignocellulosic biomass so that 1) polysaccharides are available for enzymatic hydrolysis and 2) lignin and other coproducts are released and available for downstream processing.

Pre-treatment ->