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First Commercial Flight Using Biojet fuel Made from Wood

First commercial flight using
cellulosic-based biofuel

Press conference and plane images for the Alaska Airlines flight using biojet fuel made from wood


News Releases

Forest Powered biofuel flight heads to Washington D.C.

11/14/2016 WSU News

USDA, Partners Celebrate First Wood-to-Jet-Fuel Commercial Flight

11/14/2016 USDA News Release

Alaska Airlines to Fly today on Gevo’s Cellulosic Renewable Alcohol to Jet Fuel

11/14/2016 Gevo News Release

Forest-Powered Flight heads to Washington D.C.

11/14/2016 Alaska Airlines News Release

Selected News Stories

Interview with Ralph Cavalieri, NARA Project Director, on RFD-TV Market Day Report

RFD-TV 11/23/2016

Alaska Airlines to fly on Gevo’s cellulosic renewable alcohol-to jet fuel

11/14/16 Biofuels International

Biofuels from logging scraps powers Alaska Airlines jet on cross-country flight

11/14/16 The Seattle Times

Tree limbs power Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 in biofuel first commercial flight

11/14/16 Puget Sound Journal

Alaska Airlines tests fuel partly made from trees: How sustainable a solution?

11/15/16 Christian Science Monitor

Forest fuel: Alaska Airlines completes first wood-powered commercial flight

11/15/16 RT

ICM: Flight powered by biofuel made from residual wood

11/15/16 Biomass Magazine

The plane powered by waste wood

11/16/16 BBC

Logging leftovers fuel Alaska Airlines’ test flight

11/16/16 Mother Nature News

Forest Concepts processes feedstock for first forest-powered commercial aviation flight

11/16/16  EIN News

EPIC Fuels Supports Alaska Airlines in First-Ever Forest Powered Flight

11/16/16 Market Wired

World’s First Commercial Flight Using Forest Residual Biofuel is Completed

11/18/16 Architectural Digest

Could Wood Scraps Fuel Planes?


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How to make biojet from wood

Wood sugars are fermented into isobutanol which is used to make biojet fuel.




Feedstock preparation

cskt-logoforest residuals from their timberlands in western Montana as feedstcok, MT
forest residuals from their timberlands in western Oregon as feedstock, WA
forest residuals from their timberlands in western Washington as feedstock, WA
fiber residuals from their cellulose production as feedstock, WA
John Jump Trucking Inc.feedstock grinding and transportjohnjumptrucking.comKalispell, MT
hnrg-high-resolution-copyfeedstock collection logistics, WA
lane-copyfeedstock grinding, sorting and mixing, OR
andritz-pp-color-printfeedstock grinding, preparation for Andritz Trialwww.forestconcepts.comAuburn, WA


use of demonstration facility and expertise for pretreatment, OR
andritz-pp-color-printtrial of continuous pretretreatment prior to Zeachemwww.andritz.comSpringfield, OH

Enzyme hydrolysis and fermentation

icm_2-color_logovrt-copyuse of production facility and expertise for hydrolysis and fermentation of the pretreated feedstock Joseph, MO
fermentation and isobutanol separation technology and expertise, CO
production of Gevo proprietary yeastwww.wisbio.comMilwaukee, WI
NZ_Secondary_Purple_RGBprovided saccharification enzymes
dehydration of isobutanol, Calgary

Conversion of isobutanol to iso-parafinnic kerosene (IPK)

use of production facility and expertise to convert isobutanol to iso-paraffinic kerosene (IPK), TX
technology and expertise to convert isobutanol to iso-parafinnic kerosene (IPK), CO

Bio-jet fuel blending and demonstration flight

conducted a demonstration flight, WA

Project funding

project funding and guidance, DC

USDA, partners celebrate first wood-to-jet-fuel commercial flight

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