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2016 NARA Final Meeting| Arlington, VA

Phase and Gate Critical Path Milestone Management

Beltz, Linda

Community and Social Elements of Sustainable Biofuel Systems: Assessment and Applications

Smith, Paul | Shi, Wenping | Hoard, Season | Gaffney, Michael | Mueller, Daniel

“Woods-to-Wake” Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of NARA Biojet

Ganguly, Indroneil

ATJ-SPK – A Certification Story

Johnston, Glenn

Fermentative Isobutanol Production from Woody Biomass and Conversion to Biojet

Hawkins, Andrew | Ley, Joseph | Johnston, Glenn

Energy Education at the Speed of Science

Eitel, Karla | Yadama, Vikram | Hollenhorst, Steve

Feedstock Sustainability

Holub, Scott | Meehan Nate | Johnson, Greg | Harrison, Rob | Littke, Kim | Bailey, John | Vogler, Ken | … Simmon, Eric.

Micronized Wood and Clean Sugar Technology and Depot TEA from Forest Residuals

Gao, Johnway | Neogi, Amar | Wolcott, Michael | Wang, Jinwu | Brandt, Kristen

Project Facilitation

Kern, Michael

Regional Economic Impacts on the Introduction of Biorefinery Facilities Utilizing Forest Residual in Pacific Northwest

Sasatani, Daisuke | Eastin, Ivan

Feedstock Logistics for Aviation

Sessions, John

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Renewable Jet Fuel From Softwoods

Spink, Tom | Marrs, Gevan | Gao, Allen

Wood Biorefinery and Co-Products

Spink, Tom

Envisioning Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply for the Northwest

Wolcott, Michael | Martinkus, Natalie | Olsen, Karl | Laninga, Tammi

Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance

Wolcott, Michael | Cavalieri, Ralph

Production of 1,000 Gallons of Biojet in the NARA Consortium

Wooley, Robert | Wolcott, Michael | Cavalieri, Ralph | Zhu, Junyong | Gleisner, Roland | Hawkins, Andrew |… Sessions, John

Process Technologies – Wood to Wing

Zhu, Junyong

2015 NARA Annual meeting

Impacts of biomass harvesting on ecosystem services: water resources

Barber, Michael | Hasan, Mohammad | Van Grouw, Brittany | Petrie, John | Wickham,Ross | Madsen, Kaleb

Toward the integrated production of cellulosic biofuels and biochemicals: Lessons learned from the U.S. corn and cellulosic ethanol industries

Chen, Min | Smith, Paul | Wolcott, Michael

Energy literacy as a co-product of the NARA supply chain: closing the gap from emerging science to education

Eitel, Karla | James, Laurel | Pressley, Shelley | Houghham, Justin | Hendrickson, Danica | Schon, Jenny | Laninga, Tammi | Olsen, Karl | Martinkus, Natalie | Hollenhorst, Steve | Hasselbach, Liv | Gotch, Chad | Fizzell, Greg | Vachon, Michele | Schwartz, Dan | Corrigan, Kim

NARA’s approach to Environmental Sustainability

Ganguly, Indroneil | Eastin, Ivan | Pierobon, Francesca | Bowers, Tait | Nwaneshiudu, Ike | Chen, Cindy | Sifford, Cody | Smith, Timothy | Pelton, Rylie | Chen, Luyi | Johnston, Glenn | Huisenga, Mike

Environmental Sustainability

Hatten, Jeff | Boston, Kevin | Session, John | Zamora-Cristales, Rene | Latta, Greg | Betts, Matt | Rivers, Jim | Root, Heather | Petrie, John | Barber, Michael | Lamb, Brian | Ravi, Vikram | Maguire, Doug | Mainwaring, Doug | Harrison, Rob | Holub, Scott | Hatten, Jeff | Gallo, Adrian

Community asset and attribute modeling

Hoard, Season | Gaffney, Michael | Mueller, Daniel | Rijkhoff, Sanne | Smith, Paul | Shi, Wenping | Venugopal, Preenaa

Sustainability: Soil Carbon

Holub, Scott

Forest productivity, feedstock removals, and implications for nutrient flux and sustainability

Mainwaring, Doug | Maguire, Doug | Harrison, Rob

Softwood to jet fuel techno-economics for an integrated greenfield biorefinery

Marrs, Gevan | Spink, Tom

Air quality impacts of an aviation biofuel industry – preliminary assessments

Ravi, Vikram | Lamb, Brian

Wildlife response to woody biomass removal

Rivers, Jim | Root, Heather | Betts, Matt

Logistics for Biomass

Sessions, John | Boston, Kevin | Zamora-Cristales, Rene | Latta, Greg

Aviation fuel supply chain stakeholder perceptions of sustainable alternative jet fuel

Smith, Paul | Shi, Wenping | Gaffney, Michael | Hoard, Season | Ibarrola, Ibon | Miller, Bruno | Johnston, Glenn

Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance | A new vista for green fuels, chemicals, and environmentally preferred products

Wolcott, Michael | Cavalieri, Ralph

Micronized Wood Milling for Biofuels and Biochemical production

Wolcott, Michael

Production of 1,000 gallons of BioJet

Wooley, Bob

Supply chain siting and design

Micronized wood product plant at Hermann Brothers | Introduction to Schematic Design

Camenzind, Dane | Kerschner, Tyler | Schlonga, Victor | Siegfried, Brent | Thornton, Tyler

Potential Pilot Plant Evaluation

Seiler, Destry | Siegfried, Brent | Thornton, Tyler | Torres, Casey | Wuestney, Cody | Arndt, Taylor | Camenzind, Dane | Kerschner, Tyler | Malloy, Joey | Schlonga, Victor

Pilot Plant at Port Townsend | Liquid Depot

Arndt, Taylor | Seiler, Destry | Wuestney, Cody | Torres, Casey | Malloy, Joey

Supply Chain Analysis

Seiler, Destry | Siegfried, Brent | Thornton, Tyler | Torres, Casey | Wuestney, Cody | Arndt, Taylor | Camenzind, Dane | Kerschner, Tyler | Malloy, Joey | Schlonga, Victor

Milled Wood Depot Analysis

Seiler, Destry | Siegfried, Brent | Thornton, Tyler | Torres, Casey | Wuestney, Cody | Arndt, Taylor | Camenzind, Dane | Kerschner, Tyler | Malloy, Joey | Schlonga, Victor