Catchlight Energy’s Gevan R. Marrs contributes 36 years of experience in value chain analysis and improvement for biomass feedstocks to conversion, principally pulp and paper operations, to the feedstock logistics component of the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance project. He has led organizational and project teams examining issues from genetically improved trees for fiber operations, through wood yard operations and processing, testing, and feedstocks quality improvement, to final product properties and value lift opportunities identification and implementation. Marrs works as feedstocks sourcing and value leader at Catchlight Energy, a joint venture of Weyerhaeuser and Chevron to produce liquid transportation biofuels from cellulosic forest-based feedstocks.

Before joining Catchlight Energy, Marrs served in various research and development capacities for Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, Washington, including unit manager for cellulose fibers new product development, team leader for raw materials, and senior scientist.

In 1974, Marrs received his B.S. in Wood Science from Colorado State University.