Glenn Johnston is the Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Gevo Inc. Mr. Johnston has over 25 years’ experience in the biotech/chemical global regulatory arena. He currently serves as the chair of the regulatory committee and board member of the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) and Chair of the IES Biofuels Committee of Biotechnology Industry Organization. Mr. Johnston currently chairs theASTM Butanol Task Group and is the chair of the ASTM Alcohol to Jet task force. Mr. Johnston has been recognized by ASTM with the “Award of Excellence” for his dedication and contributions to developing standards. Prior to joining Gevo, Mr. Johnston was Director of Regulatory Affairs with NatureWorks, LLC, where he managed product stewardship issues and integrated his work with global influences regarding toxicology, environmental, and safety. Preceding his tenure at NatureWorks, Mr. Johnston helped lead the regulatory effort in the plastics division of Sandoz Chemicals. During his long-standing career, he has gained extensive experience related to food legislation (FDA, EU, JHOSPA, KFDA, MERCOSUR, etc), chemical legislation (TSCA, EINECS, DSL, METI, KCL, and AICS), animal feed requirements (US FDA,AAFCO), and other regulatory laws that affect the biotech supply chain. He has worked with industry groups in Japan (JHOSPA), Taiwan (EBPA), the U.S. (BPI), the European Union (IBAW) and China (BMG). He is currently a Member of ASTM D02, and has also been a Delegate of ISO TC61 and CENTC249, and a Member of ASTM D20. Mr. Johnston has participated on the board of directors of various industry trade associations and has published papers and given speeches on biotech/chemical regulatory framework throughout the globe.