John Perez-Garcia is Professor in Forest Economics and manages the CINTRAFOR Global Trade Model at the Center for International Trade in Forest Products in the School of Forest Resources, University of Washington. He has over a decade and a half of experience with the trade model. He is the principal developer of the current version and uses the model in a variety of trade policy, and environmental and economic assessment studies. John also has interests in climate change, carbon sequestration, and their relationships to the forest sector forest. He is responsible for several sector policy analyses including timber supply, carbon and land-use assessments, and for creating linkages between ecological and economic models. He was a natural resource specialist in forest products utilization prior to his receiving his doctoral degree, and was a Peace Corp Volunteer in El Salvador. He has a forest management undergraduate degree from Rutger’s University; a M.S. in agricultural economics from the University of Puerto Rico; and a doctoral degree in forest economics from Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.