Dr. Loren D. Kellogg, the Lematta Professor of Forest Engineering at Oregon State University, will participate on the feedstock logistics component for the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance project. His expertise is in forest harvesting systems, project-level planning, and silviculture-harvesting interactions. Dr. Kellogg has teaching and research responsibilities that cover logging and forest operations analysis to meet a broad spectrum of forest resource objectives. He is a research project leader in forest fuel reduction, restoration thinning, and biomass utilization. Dr. Kellogg has also been a research project leader on studies covering skyline thinning systems and small log harvesting, mechanized harvesting systems, harvesting requirements for alternative silvicultural systems, and harvesting alternatives in riparian areas.

Before OSU, Dr. Kellogg worked as honorary principal fellow on the land and food resources faculty of the University of Melbourne in Australia; forest engineering professor and program head for the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa; and logging engineer for Scott Paper Company in Everett, Washington.

Dr. Kellogg earned his Ph.D. in Forest Science from OSU in 1986.