Rene Zamora-Cristales is a post-doctoral researcher at Oregon State University. He is interested in how to economically optimize sustainable forestry operations and management. His contribution to the NARAproject center on providing quantitative decision-making tools used to improve forest biomass transport and processing.

Rene has international forestry experience as a forestry manager at the Tectona Forest of Zambezia in Mozambique and as a forestry-planning manager with Interforest Limited in Guatemala. He has earned numerous honors including:

* The Rick Strachan Fellowship in Forest Operations, College of Forestry Oregon State University: 2010-2011

* An Organization of American States Academic scholarship: 2005-2006

* Exxon Standard Oil Central America scholarship for undergraduate studies: 1998-2003

Rene received a doctorate at Oregon State University, a master’s degree in forest resources (cum laude) from the Universidad Austral de Chile and a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in forest engineering at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.