CLH (Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH S.A.) and its subsidiary, CLH Aviation, have operated for over 85 years and are dedicated to hydrocarbon storage and logistics in Spain. CLH is Spain’s leader for oil product transportation and storage. They operate one of the largest, most efficient, integrated refined products transportation and storage networks in the world with over 4,000 kilometers of refined products pipeline and a storage capacity of 7.9 million cubic meters. These resources are available to all oil operators in Spain.

CLH Aviation will provide a cross-national comparison of fuel logistics, policy, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. CLH Aviation and NARA researcher Ibon Ibarrola Armendariz will work closely with NARA’s EPP Biojet Market Opportunity team led by NARA researcher Paul Smith to provide the following activities:

  • Identify key supply chain stakeholders and their role(s) in aviation fuel decision-making;
  • Understand the transport, storage, distribution, and into-plane logistics of petro-based jet fuel and potential opportunities and/or impediments to the introduction of biojet;
  • Assess stakeholder knowledge, awareness and perceptions of biojet opportunities and impediments;
  • Examine the influence of policy and CSR on the pricing, supply, and demand of aviation biofuels;
  • Develop a document defining the process for implementation of biojet in a jet fuel logistic system, including the commercialization of the biojet.