Carlos Alvarez-Vasco is a graduate student working towards a doctoral degree in chemical engineering at Washington State University’s Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering.

Carlos is interested in biomass derived materials and fermentation/bioreactor engineering. His current work evaluates the effect of three promising lignocellulosic biomass pretreatments (SPROL, Wet Oxidation and Diluted Acid). Pretreatment is one of the most costly steps in the transformation of lignocellulosic biomass to sugars, chemicals and biofuels.

Carlos has received numerous awards including:

* Fulbright Scholarship “Graduate studies in the United States of America”. Sponsored by the United States of America and the Administrative Department of Science and Technology of Colombia (2010).

* Grant “Young and Innovators Researchers”. Sponsored by the Administrative Department of Science and Technology of Colombia, Colciencias (2009).

* Honor grade “Best Undergraduate Student in Biological Engineering”. Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2009).

* Grant from EPM foundation for undergraduate education. Sponsored by Medellin Town Hall and EPM(largest utility provider in Colombia), (2008).

In March 2009, Carlos earned a biological engineer degree at the Universidad Nacional de Columbia, Colombia.