Dr. Carter Fox works as a scientist at Weyerhaeuser, a NARA affiliate. He is interested in developing new applications for polymers derived from woody biomass.

His work with NARA is to develop novel value-added applications for lignin: a major polymer of wood and a byproduct in the cellulose to biofuels process. This work involves identifying methods to economically isolate the lignin fractions from the other byproducts of the biomass conversion process and then modifying the lignin to obtain the material properties suited for their target application.

Dr. Fox scholastic and research honors include: * First place in the Eastman Chemical Company Graduate Student Paper Contest * Participation in the 2010 ACS Excellence Graduate Polymer research Symposium

He obtained his doctorate in macromolecuar science and engineering from Virginia Tech, a master’s degree in forest products at the University of Idaho and a bachelor’s degree in wood science and forest products at Virginia Tech.

Supervisor: David Fish