Ibon is currently Operations Engineer at CLH Aviation in Madrid, Spain: a subsidiary company of theCLH Group (www.clh.es). CLH Group has been dedicated to the storage and logistics of hydrocarbons in Spain for over 85 years. Ibon started his career in CLH Aviation in 2001 in Madrid Airport in a managing position. In 2006 he was promoted to Alicante Airport as the Fuel Facility and Into-Plane Services Manager. After 2 years in Alicante, he took his nowadays position in CLH Aviation Head Office in Madrid, giving him a managing view of the aviation fuel quality and logistics business. Also, he represents CLH Aviation in JIG Technical Forum (www.jigonline.com), where CLH Aviation participates in the developing of JIG Standards, and lead CLH Group to be at the latest know-how in this industry.

Ibon has a background in petroleum engineering at University of the Basque Country in Bilbao and aviation fuel quality and logistics from his professional experience in CLH Aviation. He is an M.S. student at Polytechnic Univ. of Madrid (in Energy Engineering), and he works in collaboration withNARA EPP biojet market opportunity research team; identifying key supply chain stakeholders and their roles in aviation fuel decisionmaking. Also, he works closely with the EPP Biojet Market Opportunity team to develop a document defining the process for implementation of biojet in a jet fuel logistic system. This will include the commercialization of the biojet, after understanding the transport, storage, distribution, and into-plane logistics of petroleum-based jet fuel and potential opportunities and/or impediments to the introduction of biojet