Feedstock logistics will be the focus of Dr. Kevin Boston’s involvement with the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance project. An associate professor at Oregon State University, he has held commercial and academic appointments in both the Unites States and New Zealand. He also has been involved in consulting work in various regions of the United States and South America. His research deals with the development of new techniques to solve large, combinatorial programs commonly found in forest supply chain planning problems and alternative methods for the design and use of forest roads.

Before joining OSU, he worked as a national supply chain planner in Holt Harvey, New Zealand; as an assistant professor at the Center for Forest Business at the University of Georgia, Athens; as a consulting forester for the Association of Oregon Counties; as a GIS analyst with VESTRA Resources in Redding Calif.; and as a forester with the Mammoth Lakes Ranger District in California.

Dr. Boston earned his Ph.D. in Forest Engineering from OSU in 1996.