Kristina Dahmann is a recent graduate from the Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. Her current work, at both the Penn State law school and Department of Agriculture and Bioengineering, focuses on the law and policy of biofuels, specifically biofuels as it overlaps with the aviation industry. This work covers the state and federal level and compares U.S. energy policy with international energy policies.

For NARA, she assists with the “EPP Techno-Market Assessment: Jet Fuels” task, particularly as it relates to biofuels policy and its impact on the aviation fuels industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Kristina’s previous work includes a semester with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisitions and involvement with the Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration’s Office of Chief Counsel. In addition, she analyzed the practical effects of the policies established by the Federal Election Commission’s Advisory Opinions.

Kristina received her Juris Doctor from Penn State Law in May of 2013 and her Bachelor of Arts in history, government and legal studies from Bowdoin College in 2010.