Montana State University Extension Forestry will assist with the NARA Extension Working Group by providing information about the NARA program and research updates to Montana stakeholders including industry, logging and landowner professional organizations and conferences. In addition we will produce and publish brochures, popular articles and guidelines for these groups as well as assist with the scoping process and development of a test bed site.

The mission of Extension Forestry is to provide education and outreach to Non-industrial Private Forest Landowners around Montana. It is estimated that more than 50,000 landowners own 4 million acres of forestland in the state. Extension Forestry provides forest landowner education programs ranging from core Forest Stewardship Planning Workshops to topic specific workshops like Windbreaks/Living Snowfences, Alternative Forest Management Practices, Wildfire Hazard Reduction, and Tree Pruning & Care.

Extension Forestry also provides outreach through various tools including an annual calendar, news releases, brochures and publications.