NARA is tasked with empowering stakeholders to plan and implement the changes needed to build, develop and sustain a biorefinery infrastructure. Eini Lowell, a research forest products technologist with the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station assists in that effort. Eini will help identify and screen test bed communities. She will also initiate and help extend relationships with regional stakeholders and partners by convening meetings, workshops and focus groups.

The PNW Research Station is one of seven research centers that are part of the USDA Forest Service. They develop and deliver knowledge and innovative technology to improve the health and use of the National forests and rangelands both public and private.

The PNW Research Station has strong partnerships with universities, national forests, state agencies, nonprofits, private industry, and other federal agencies. With these partners, they address key questions associated with climate change, imperiled species, human health and well-being, and other topics. They have the honor of bringing science to the table as people make often difficult choices about managing land.