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Western Forester Publication Highlights NARA

The summer issue (Vol. 58, no. 3) of Western Forester takes on a biomass theme. Two of the articles within this issue discuss NARA. In “No Hiding in the Woods: Biomass development Requires Engagement, Integration and Innovation”, Marcus Kauffman, Biomass Resource Specialist for the Oregon Department of Forestry, makes a case for stakeholder participation and highlights NARA’s involvement in developing a regional industry.

In “From Wood to Wing: NARA Works to Harness Woody Biomass for Aviation Biofuel, NARA Outreach …more

Transporting Biomass



An initial techno-economic analysis for the NARA biojet scenario has been completed. With the premise of constructing totally new facilities and current feedstock availability and costs, we estimate the manufacturing cost to produce biojet fuel derived from woody residuals at 2-3 times above the current market price for petrochemical-based jet fuel. Our current efforts are now aimed at reducing this initial cost estimate on many fronts. In …more

On The Road: NARA Researchers and Team Members Visit with Stakeholders in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon

P1000957 July 9-11 NARA researchers visited several sites in the greater Portland area to learn more about resources and relationships that will shape our understanding of biomass issues.  This trip included visits with wood recyclers, biofuel processors, environmental organizations and a log yard.

Teevin Brothers Log Yard was our first stop in Washington outside of Longview.  At this facility, logs are collected from trucks, …more

Estimating Forest Biomass

Estimating Tree Biomass, Carbon, and Nitrogen... copy 2


Developing improved tools and methods used to estimate the amount of residual biomass potential contained in a softwood plantation or forest is a key task for the NARA project. The amount of forest residues available affects how much biojet fuel and co-products are produced, the location sites for depots and conversion plants and the overall sustainability of the residual wood to …more

Characterizing Various Feedstocks

NARA Woody Forest Feedstocks-Total Polysaccharides. Image created by Gevan Marrs, Weyerhaeuser
NARA Woody Forest Feedstocks-Total Polysaccharides. Figure created by Gevan Marrs, Weyerhaeuser

Gevan Marrs at Weyerhaeuser generated this above figure. Packed with useful information, it is often used in NARA presentations. The purpose of this article is to define elements in the figure and provide some analysis. A bulk of the information presented in …more