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New report on logging utilization in Idaho

Front cover of report
Front cover of report

Logging utilization studies describe how trees are harvested in commercial operations and account for how the various tree parts are used. This information helps land managers evaluate their logging operations and can reveal utilization trends over time and within various regions.

Logging utilization data is particularly valuable to NARA researchers because it provides a basis used …more

Transportation of residues: would you bundle?

By: Janna Loeppky, M.S. Candidate, Oregon State University

In the forest industry, timber harvesting supplies the demand for one of the world’s most renewable resources: logs. Although the majority of consumers may only know about the final products purchased from mills and lumberyards, the harvesting operation is quite extensive. From stump to mill, the costs for extracting desirable trees to fulfill market demand range in cost depending on the size of the unit being harvested and the amount of …more

Estimating nutrient removals under varying intensities of harvesting residue utilization

By: Janna Loeppky, M.F. Candidate, Oregon State University

Nitrogen is the most abundant atmospheric element and a major nutrient required for plant and tree growth. The vast majority of nitrogen in forest soils and tree biomass is fixed from the atmosphere by soil micro‐organisms. Although the vast majority of nitrogen in most forest ecosystems is held in soil organic matter, some sites contain larger portions in live biomass and may therefore be susceptible to reductions in long‐term site productivity …more

Mid-term forecast for biofuels and renewable energy released by IEA

“Many renewables no longer need high incentive levels. Rather, given their capital-intensive nature, renewables require a market context that assures a reasonable and predictable return for investors. This calls for a serious reflection on market design needed to achieve a more sustainable world energy mix.” — IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven

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