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Forestry and Idaho education and career resources

Fire Science recently launched a unique Idaho guide focused on providing career and education information.  They provide a list of schools and programs from the U.S. federal government National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and provide interviews with fire experts in Idaho.  On the career side, they provide income tables in Idaho for Firefighters, Fire Inspectors / Investigators, and Fire Service Supervisors, talk about fire training, and also have a full section …more

DOE hosts national energy literacy virtual town hall, August 5th

Energy Literacy

The webinar will be a dynamic, virtual conversation about ongoing efforts, including NARA’s, from across the country in utilizing the Department of Energy’s Energy Literacy Framework to address one of our nation’s’ biggest national challenges, energy illiteracy. Through rapid fire sessions you will hear about national, new media and localized efforts using e-books, experiential curriculum and best practices in energy education and learn about resources including the Women @ Energy …more

Western Montana Corridor work available online

Front page of the NARA WMC website
Front page of the NARA WMC website

NARA is tasked to provide a supply chain analysis for converting forest residuals to biojet fuel and lignin-based co-products within the northwestern United States defined within the Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana state borders. University students and their mentors, through the Integrated Design Experience (IDX) course, provide much of the …more

Measuring Energy Literacy

Rubric for evaluation of Imagine Tomorrow deliverables
Rubric for evaluation of Imagine Tomorrow deliverables

NARA invests nearly a third of its total budget to improve the bioenergy literacy of students and professionals with the assumption that an improved level of bioenergy literacy will translate into a knowledgeable workforce and a more engaged and enlightened citizenry who can help shape and contribute to a bio-energy/bio-products …more