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NARA’s IDX teams visit several plants in MC2P supply chain region

NARA is presently evaluating the NW OR and SW WA geographical region (MC2P) for a wood-to-biofuel supply chain analysis. A site selection analysis for the “nodes” has been completed. These nodes are classified as “solids” “liquids” and “integrated biorefinery”. Based on work done so far, suitable sites for solid, liquid, and integrated biorefinery depots have been identified in the MC2P region. Next step is to work with selected sites to conduct site specific design …more

Middle and high school educators get biofuel supply chain update

On February 13th, 2014, Dr. Tammi Laninga provided a webinar on the supply chain analysis work conducted by NARA.

Access webinar (#4) here.

View Powerpoint slides here

McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) hosted the webinar. MOSS provides this webinar series to middle and high school teachers interested in training student groups to compete in the Imagine Tomorrow competition at Washington State University.

Providing regional teachers and students information concerning NARA activities fits with NARA’s goal to …more

Harvesting forest residuals: environmental impacts and sustainability

Processing forest residuas
Processing forest residuas

Typically when trees are harvested for lumber and pulp, the limbs and branches (commonly termed “forest residuals”) are left on the forest floor or collected in slash piles and burned. If these forest residuals were used instead to produce products such as biojet fuel, what effect would that have on our environment and how can we manage the …more