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Grades 7-12 biofuels curriculum released to educators


Value of a tree image

One of the five NARA project goals is to increase bioenergy literacy among students, educators, professionals and the general public. For students and educators, NARA funds and participates in a number of programs targeted to K-12 and higher education students.

For a listing of the student education opportunities provided by NARA, view here.

Developing and distributing curricula that translates NARA research to …more

Forest residues, machines and soil: how do they mix?

Photo courtesy of Ponsse
Photo courtesy of Ponsse

Transporting the forest residues located in slash piles out of the woods requires vehicles and equipment to roll and vibrate over bare ground.  This activity can cause soil compaction and disturbance, which can lead to adverse soil erosion and limit plant growth.

Numerous studies and harvesting policies have been initiated to lessen the impact of soil …more

Oregon State University updates on NARA research


NARA is an alliance of academic institutions, government labs and industry and is funded by USDA-NIFA. Oregon State University (OSU) is part of the alliance. When NARA started, OSU was projected to receive nearly $5 million for their research contributions. NARA researchers from OSU are primarily tasked with finding solutions to feedstock development and logistical challenges.

Scott Leavengood is the director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center …more