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Webinar Series: The Role of Sustainable Bioenergy in Your Clean Power Plan

NEWBio is sponsoring a webinar series to inform stakeholders about the Clean Power Plan. Below is an introduction from their fact sheet:

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) was announced by President Obama and the EPA in early August of last year and provides the first-ever national standards that address carbon pollution from power plants. The final rule takes into account over 4.3 million stakeholder and public comments to ease its implementation, with individual states, tribes, and territories building …more

Measuring soil nutrient levels of intensively harvested forests


Soil monitoring equipment
Soil monitoring equipment

Those who consider the use of port-harvest forest residuals as a feedstock for biofuel or energy production are interested to know how biomass removal affects soil temperature, water retention and nutrient levels. These effects are being measured at Long-Term Soil Productivity Sites (LTSP) throughout the U.S including the NARA LTSP site in southern Oregon. As the name …more