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Students design facility to convert forest residuals into liquid sugar, present findings April 29th

22 April, 2015

Karl Olsen, WSU IDX,, 509-335-0373
Tammi Laninga, UI IDX,, 208-885-7117
Charles Burke, WSU NARA,, 509-335-3018

PULLMAN, Wash. – Students at Washington State University have developed facility site designs for a potential liquid depot in the Pacific Northwest. Liquid depots are intended to process forest residuals (wood from slash piles) into a liquid sugar. The liquid sugar can be used to produce multiple chemical products including biofuels. The group will present …more

Webinar on liquid depot design April 29th

The IDX team at Washington State University has been tasked with evaluating the NARA 4-state region (Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho) to determine optimal locations for infrastructure to support the NARA biofuel supply chain (conversion of forest residuals to bio-jet fuel and co-products). Previously the IDX team identified ideal locations for sites to develop an economical supply chain in the 4 State region.   The current work is developing a sample site design for a liquid depot for processing forest residuals …more

NARA member receives approval for bio-jet fuel

12 April, 2015

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) congratulates our fuels partner, Gevo, Inc. for ASTM International’s inclusion of Gevo’s alcohol to jet (ATJ) synthetic paraffinic kerosene (ATJ-SPK) into ASTM D7566 (Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons). This inclusion makes Gevo’s ATJ-SPK eligible to be used as a blending component, up to 30%, in standard Jet A-1 fuel used by commercial airlines in the United States and in many other countries around the …more

NARA Life Cycle Assessment webinar available

Overall scope for LCA of woody biomass to bio-jet fuel. Image taken from 2014-15 webinar 5 at:
Overall scope for LCA of woody biomass to bio-jet fuel. Image taken from 2014-15 webinar 5 at:

The NARA Education team provides webinars to high school teachers and their students to help them prepare for the Imagine Tomorrow competition. Many of these webinars are given by …more