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NARA represented at CAAFI 2014 General Meeting in Washington DC


NARA Director Ralph Cavalieri attends CAAFI 2014 General Meeting and Expo
NARA Director Ralph Cavalieri attends CAAFI 2014 General Meeting and ExpoCAAFI 2014 General Meeting & Expo

Posted by Michael Wolcott, NARA project co-director

NARA is well represented at CAAFI’s flagship meeting around alternative aviation fuels. We are joining a majority of the biofuels industry, the US air carriers, Boeing, FAA, USDA, DOE, NIST, …more

US Department of Energy promotes NARA’s “Matrix”


Front page of NARA MatrixFront page of NARA Matrix

The US Department of Energy recently posted a link on their website to NARA’s Energy Literacy Principles Matrix.

The “Matrix” is a collection of educational resources related to biofuel solutions that are economically viable, socially acceptable, and meet the high environmental standards of the Pacific Northwest.

You can use …more

NEWBio presents webinar: Biofuel Industry Economic Impacts and Analysis: Reporting the Facts in an Environment of Hype

1:00 pm EST, January 14, 2014Presented by: David Swenson, Iowa State University
Host: Mike Jacobson, Penn State, NEWBio 

While we often articulate the overall benefits of biofuels development in the U.S. along lines of environmental improvement coupled with a vague notion of energy security, most state and regional interest in biofuels development hinges on one primary outcome: Jobs.

The promises of job creation associated with biofuels expansion have, however, been significantly less than boosters, politicians, and other vested interests promised.  …more