NARA is presently evaluating the NW OR and SW WA geographical region (MC2P) for a wood-to-biofuel supply chain analysis. A site selection analysis for the “nodes” has been completed. These nodes are classified as “solids” “liquids” and “integrated biorefinery”. Based on work done so far, suitable sites for solid, liquid, and integrated biorefinery depots have been identified in the MC2P region. Next step is to work with selected sites to conduct site specific design and analysis work. Findings of the MC2P supply chain analysis study will be presented at the NW Wood-Based Biofuels + Co-Products Conference in Seattle, WA, April 28 – 30, 2014.

IDX students and faculty visited several identified sites to tour the sites, talk to the facility managers, and understand the existing processes. One of the sites visited was Cosmos Specialty Fibers in Cosmopolis, WA.

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