NARA is an alliance of academic institutions, government labs and industry and is funded by USDA-NIFA. Oregon State University (OSU) is part of the alliance. When NARA started, OSU was projected to receive nearly $5 million for their research contributions. NARA researchers from OSU are primarily tasked with finding solutions to feedstock development and logistical challenges.

Scott Leavengood is the director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center and part of NARA’s Outreach Team. In order to highlight the contribution OSU researchers bring to the University and to the NARA project, he has encouraged Janna Loeppky, a masters degree candidate at OSU, to write a series of research briefs that highlight OSU-NARA research. So far, these briefs cover the work performed by John Sessions, Kevin Boston, Doug Maguire and others.

All of the briefs are posted on an OSU College of Forestry web page and can be viewed here.