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Below is an email sent by Sue Hawkins, outreach professional at the University of Vermont, Brattleboro office.

Bioenergy: Biomass to Biofuels was edited by Anju Dahiya <adahiya@uvm.edu>, Lead Biofuels Instructor at the University of Vermont¹s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and published by Academic Press/Elsevier.  Click to find it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Whether you are a professional entering the field, a student exploring the pathways from biomass to biofuels, or an instructor developing a course on biofuels, this book will educate you about the trade-offs between various feedstocks, provide helpful evaluation criteria for biofuel project proposals, and provide a one-stop information resource on new advances in the field, all presented in clear language, and within a practical context that will give you a bird’s eye view, from the field to the refinery and beyond.

  • The only introductory book to cover solid, liquid and gaseous bioenergy, emphasizing cutting-edge topics such as microbial fuels and biogas
  • Integrated coverage from feedstocks to conversion processes to integrated sustainability assessments and economic analysis
  • Features case studies for each topic, drawn from real implementation projects