The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) will provide a Wood-to Biofuel webinar series that presents recent findings relating to the use of post harvest forest residuals (material left in slash piles) to produce alternative biofuels for jet aircraft and other co-products.

Five webinars are set for the month of October to celebrate National Bioenergy Day on October 21st. Additional seminars will be scheduled and posted within the following months.

Participants may register and learn more at

“The webinars come during the final year of the NARA project and provide the most recent findings relating to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of using post harvest forest residuals in the Pacific Northwest to partially substitute for fossil fuels”, says Vikram Yadama, NARA Outreach team leader and webinar organizer.

Led by Washington State University and funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) is helping to develop a sustainable industry in the Pacific Northwest that uses wood residuals to make bio-jet fuel and valuable co-products. The alliance includes public universities, government agencies, private industry and interested stakeholders.

The webinar series begins October 13th, 2015. Webinars offered are:

Estimating forest residue for biomass production

Kevin Boston, Associate Professor, Oregon State University

October 13, Tuesday, 1PM (PDT) and 4 pm (EDT)

Decision support for forest harvest residue collection

John Sessions, University Distinguished Professor and Rene Zamora-Cristales, Post Doctorate, Oregon State University

October 14, Wednesday, 2pm (PDT) and 5pm (EDT)

Characterization of forest residuals for bio-jet fuel production

Gevan Marrs, Feedstock Sourcing, NARA

October 19, Monday, 9am (PDT) and 12pm (EDT)

‘Woods-to-Wake’ life cycle assessment of residual woody biomass based jet-fuel

Indroneil Ganguly, Assistant Professor, Research, University of Washington

October 21, Wednesday, 11:30am (PDT) and 2:30pm (EDT)

Long-term soil productivity and sustainability of forest harvest residue harvesting

Jeff Hatten, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University; Scott Holub, Silviculture research Scientist, Weyerhaeuser NR Company

October 30, Friday, 10:00am (PDT) and 1:00pm (EDT)

These webinars follow an earlier announcement that Alaska Airlines will use NARA produced cellulosic-based bio-jet (IPK), made from Northwest forest residuals, for a demonstration flight in Spring 2016.

There is no charge to attend, and the webinars are open to everyone.

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