photo credit John Schneider
photo credit John Schneider

On June 7th, Alaska Airlines fueled two commercial flights using a 20% blend of Gevo’s renewable biojet fuel made from sustainable U.S. corn. These flights represent the first commercial flights fueled with biojet fuel made using Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet technology.

Read the news release here. A video is available here.

Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines announced plans for a commercial flight using biojet fuel developed by NARA.  That fuel is in the final stages of development, and a flight date will be announced soon. Both the NARA biojet fuel and the biojet fuel used with the June 7th flight were developed using Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet technology. Gevo is a member of NARA.

The biojet fuel provided by NARA will be made from forest slash left after logging operations and will represent the first biojet fuel used in a commercial flight made from cellulosic sources.

View a timeline for NARA’s biojet production.