A research associate position is available at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, at the University of Montana. The BBER is part of Montana State University which is a NARA member.

This position is responsible for and expected to achieve the following:

• Participates in state-level primary forest products industry censuses, including: developing facility lists, contacting facilities and administering questionnaires, entering and checking data, assembling and checking summary data tables and figures, and technical writing. Expected results include collecting and entering data, producing summary tables and figures, and drafting reports within specified time-frames. Contributes to final report and presentations as co-author.

• Cooperates with BBER research foresters and forestry professionals on state-level logging utilization studies, including: organizing and planning travel and field work; collecting, entering, and analyzing data from active logging sites; and contributing to final reports and presentations as co-author.

• Participates in periodic surveys of timber processors, including: contacting facilities and administering questionnaires, entering and checking data, and assembling and checking summary information. Expected results include conducting surveys and entering data within specified time-frames, and cooperating with research foresters to analyze data and complete reporting.

• Performs other assigned duties, including but not limited to: data collection, entry, and analysis; preparing reports; GIS analysis and map-making; oral and poster presentations of research findings; responding to information requests; and participating in other Forest Industry Research projects.

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