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Bioenergy Literacy

NARA at the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) annual meeting

Opening reception with exhibitors at the WWPA meeting.
Opening reception with exhibitors at the WWPA meeting.

NARA participated as an exhibitor at the WWPA annual meeting last weekend in Portland Oregon. This event brings together lumber company, supplier and wood retailer representatives throughout the U.S. and offered a good opportunity for NARA to provide information and receive feedback.

Twelve exhibit …more

US Department of Energy promotes NARA’s “Matrix”


Front page of NARA MatrixFront page of NARA Matrix

The US Department of Energy recently posted a link on their website to NARA’s Energy Literacy Principles Matrix.

The “Matrix” is a collection of educational resources related to biofuel solutions that are economically viable, socially acceptable, and meet the high environmental standards of the Pacific Northwest.

You can use …more

The McCall Outdoor Science School’s Efforts Place The University of Idaho as a Finalist for the 2013 C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award

The McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) is a program of the University of Idaho, who is a NARA affiliate. MOSS plays a significant role in NARA’s bioenergy literacy objectives. They provide bioenergy literacy to K-12 students and educators and train graduate students to deliver bioenergy literacy training.

The University of Idaho won the West region award and is now one of four finalists for the $20,000 Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award. For more information, read the linked …more