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Bioenergy Literacy

High school students present energy solutions

In May 2016, over 400 high-school students brought their solutions for a better world to the 2016 Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow competition at Washington State University. The competition is hosted by the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture at Washington State University. NARA has been a major sponsor of this event since 2011. Encouraging high school students to think about energy solutions fits well with NARA’s education goals to increase bioenergy literacy and develop a bioenergy workforce.

With NARA’s …more

Educator conference scheduled on teaching bioenergy literacy: July 29th, Seattle WA.






NARA member Facing the Future will host an educator conference on July 29th in Seattle WA.

Over the course of the day, participants will define energy literacy, consider the social, economic, and environmental impacts of different energy sources, learn about the development of aviation biofuels in the Pacific Northwest, and hear from experts in this field.

Participants will gain hands-on experience with several lessons …more

NARA soil productivity research update

Test plot at LTSP site in Springfield, OR: no residual removal
Test plot at LTSP site in Springfield, OR: no residual removal

Dr. Scott Holub from Weyerhaeuser presented an update on research at the NARA long-term soil productivity site near Springfield OR. This presentation is part of a webinar series provided by the McCall Outdoor Science School and is used to bring NARA …more

Undergraduate interns contribute to NARA

NARA funds educational opportunities for students at all levels — grade school through college graduate. For the past three years, NARA has provided summer research internships to college undergraduates through the NARA SURE program. SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) is a program coordinated by Washington State University that provides research internships to undergraduate students throughout the United States and is funded by multiple organizations including NARA.

For the summer of 2014, NARA funded five undergraduate students to conduct research …more

Measuring Energy Literacy

Rubric for evaluation of Imagine Tomorrow deliverables
Rubric for evaluation of Imagine Tomorrow deliverables

NARA invests nearly a third of its total budget to improve the bioenergy literacy of students and professionals with the assumption that an improved level of bioenergy literacy will translate into a knowledgeable workforce and a more engaged and enlightened citizenry who can help shape and contribute to a bio-energy/bio-products …more

NARA and the Department of Energy discuss bioenergy literacy in the classroom

Energy 101 Course Framework
Energy 101 Course Framework

NARA researcher Justin Hougham will present NARA’s education efforts at an upcoming webinar sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE). The webinar titled “Energy in the Classroom” is the first of a series of dialogues that are part of the Energy 101 initiative. This dialogue will discuss ways to catalyze and increase opportunities for …more

NARA Co-Products Team explains co-product development to high school educators and students

MOSS website




NARA researchers Dr. Carter Fox and Dr. Ian Dallmeyer from Weyerhaeuser provided an overview of their work to high school educators and their students. Fox and Dallmeyer are charged with developing commercial products from the wood material left over after the carbohydrates are removed to make bio-jet fuel.

Their presentation is one of a series of NARA information webinars featured on the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) …more