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Forestry and Idaho education and career resources

Fire Science recently launched a unique Idaho guide focused on providing career and education information.  They provide a list of schools and programs from the U.S. federal government National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and provide interviews with fire experts in Idaho.  On the career side, they provide income tables in Idaho for Firefighters, Fire Inspectors / Investigators, and Fire Service Supervisors, talk about fire training, and also have a full section dedicated …more

Grades 7-12 biofuels curriculum released to educators


Value of a tree image

One of the five NARA project goals is to increase bioenergy literacy among students, educators, professionals and the general public. For students and educators, NARA funds and participates in a number of programs targeted to K-12 and higher education students.

For a listing of the student education opportunities provided by NARA, view here.

Developing and distributing curricula that translates NARA research to middle …more

NARA Co-Products Team explains co-product development to high school educators and students

MOSS website




NARA researchers Dr. Carter Fox and Dr. Ian Dallmeyer from Weyerhaeuser provided an overview of their work to high school educators and their students. Fox and Dallmeyer are charged with developing commercial products from the wood material left over after the carbohydrates are removed to make bio-jet fuel.

Their presentation is one of a series of NARA information webinars featured on the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) website.