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Wood to biofuel webinar series offered

The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) will provide a Wood-to Biofuel webinar series that presents recent findings relating to the use of post harvest forest residuals (material left in slash piles) to produce alternative biofuels for jet aircraft and other co-products.

Five webinars are set for the month of October to celebrate National Bioenergy Day on October 21st. Additional seminars will be scheduled and posted within the following months.

Participants may register and learn more at

“The …more

Undergraduate Student Research with NARA

Shelley Pressley (WSU Director of Undergraduate Research; third row, center) and the 2015 NARA SURE students.
Shelley Pressley (WSU Director of Undergraduate Research; third row, center) and the 2015 NARA SURE students.

This summer, 13 undergraduate students from across the U.S. invested their time to participate in the NARA Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and assist NARA researchers in a wide array of studies.


Graduate student awarded best overall oral presentation at research symposium

NARA graduate student Adrian Gallo
NARA graduate student Adrian Gallo

Adrian Gallo was awarded “best overall oral presentation” at the Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium at Oregon State University April 27-28.

Adrian is a graduate student completing his master’s degree in sustainable forest management at Oregon State University. His supervisor is NARA researcher Jeff Hatten.

For the NARA project, Adrian is conducting experiments …more

Research associate job opportunity in forest industry research






A research associate position is available at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, at the University of Montana. The BBER is part of Montana State University which is a NARA member.

This position is responsible for and expected to achieve the following:

• Participates in state-level primary forest products industry censuses, including: developing facility lists, contacting facilities and administering questionnaires, entering and checking …more

Unlocking Lignin

Fractionating the molecular structure of wood has always been a challenging issue in biofuel production from woody biomass. ORNL research team has simulated a genetically modified aspen tree lignin molecule linked to a hemicellulose molecule and demonstrated that genetic modification of lignin can boost the amount of biofuel derived from plant material without compromising the structural integrity of the plant. Read more at

NARA offers searchable repository for bioenergy information

Front webpage at
Front webpage at

Quality, un-biased information that addresses the use of forest residuals to produce chemical products like biofuels is abundant, the challenge is finding it. To make this information readily available to individuals and communities, NARA has produced a knowledge base repository that links to hundreds of reports, peer reviewed articles and websites.

View the NARA Knowledge Base here.


NARA Life Cycle Assessment webinar available

Overall scope for LCA of woody biomass to bio-jet fuel. Image taken from 2014-15 webinar 5 at:
Overall scope for LCA of woody biomass to bio-jet fuel. Image taken from 2014-15 webinar 5 at:

The NARA Education team provides webinars to high school teachers and their students to help them prepare for the Imagine Tomorrow competition. Many of these webinars are given by …more

Lincoln County Port Authority in Montana has acquired a boiler located at Libby’s Kootenai Business Park

A 80,000 lbs of steam per hour (@ 450psi) capacity boiler has been acquired by the Lincoln County Port Authority. With some retrofitting, the plant could produce up to 5 to 7 megawatts of electricity or a combination of steam and electricity. The boiler is fitted with an electrostatic precipitator. Upon request, the Port Authority can provide the Engineering study that evaluated the retrofit to produce power generation.

Lincoln County Boiler…more